We are committed to implementing sustainable solutions and business practices that put the environment first.

Our Commitment

G&J Pepsi has accomplished these results in various facilities.


97% landfill free
3,500 tons annually
50,000 gallons of captured liquid

Water Conservation

800,000 gallons of water reduction
52% reduction in water usage
Pervious parking lot to eliminate lot flooding

Power Usage

50% less propane operations (forklifts)
50% more battery usage (forklifts)
Facility improvements to conserve energy

Beverage Associations

G&J Pepsi is affiliated with the following Beverage Associations:

Every Bottle Back

Every Bottle Back

G&J Pepsi and other leading beverage companies are working together to reduce the beverage industry’s plastic footprint through the “Every Bottle Back” initiative. We are reducing our plastic use and investing in recycling efforts to ensure we get our bottles back!

Graphic of Pepsi bottles
Graphics highlighting the recycle logo on the caps of Pepsi bottles

Our Commitment

We are working to improve the collection of plastic bottles so that they can be recycled into new bottles and used again. G&J Pepsi is aligned with Pepsi’s goal to use 100% recycled plastic bottles by 2030.

Adding Message on Packaging

G&J Pepsi and other beverage producers place a recycling message on the packaging of plastic bottles to communicate the 100% recyclability of our bottles and caps.

Graphic depicting "Refresh Then Recycle" tag on Pepsi bottles

Pepsi Sustainability

G&J Pepsi is aligned with PepsiCo’s sustainability practices and goals outlined in the “PepsiCo Positive” initiative.

Pepsi Sustainability